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Important Types of Survival Gear

There is so much fun, and adventure one can have when they opt to go to the great outdoors. There is no end to the amount of fun you shall get while out there. There is also a lot that could go wrong out there. Taking steps to go prepared is the sensible thing to do. Being so far from civilization needs you to have the right survival gear for the kind of place you are in. As long as you are out there, there are some items you cannot miss in your survival gear package.

You cannot miss a means to communicate your whereabouts, such as a mobile phone or radio. It needs to be fully charged, and within the phone coverage area. This is also a good time to have a GPS unit. Its advantage is that you can use it at any location of the world to tell your bearings.

You also need to carry a knife. These are easier to handle than carrying a machete or sword, and shall come in handy when it is time to cook or build something.

Since you might get injured; you will need a first aid kit. This is what will keep your injuries from worsening until you get the right medical attention.

It is important to carry some water. There is always a rush to get other survival gear ready, that people forget the importance of having water nearby while far away.
Water is what will keep you from dehydration and heat stroke. You also need to bring along some food that is not easily perishable. It should be in an appropriate packaging which allows you to keep using it without spoiling the rest of your stock.

You also need to have the right material to build a shelter. Having a knife is only the first step. This is how you shall remain safe as you are covered when it rains, or when it gets dark.

You need to also have layers of clothing with you. You will need the rain layers when it gets hot out there. Thicker layers are what will keep you warm when it gets cold and dark. It is important to have clothes that repel the rain, such as caps and hats. IT is easier to stay comfortable in whatever weather when you have layered clothing.

You need to also have on the right kind of footwear. It is important to check the kind of shoes you have on for these trips that take you to far places. You will especially need comfortable shoes if you happen to get lost and thus spend longer out there than you anticipated.

You also need a flashlight. It is what may end up saving your life. There is every chance it will get dark while out there. This is how you see any signs of danger before it is too late.

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