Chamber of Commerce Strategy – Business Watch and Company Security Talks

If you run a Chamber of Commerce, then can I suggest a project for you that will put your business group front and center as a benevolent force in the community? Why not form a business watch? In fact, why not offer free information to business owners allowing them to help themselves to better security and safety? Okay so, let’s discuss this.

There are several folks, perhaps even members of your chamber already who can assist you in delivering a quality program to educate small business entrepreneurs about security risks, and then once they have their own house in order they can then join your business watch program in the community to help become an extra set of ears and eyes for local law enforcement. There are several things I’d like to discuss in this article, namely;

Lock Smiths
Focus Groups
Security Consultants
Commercial Insurance Lines
Leveraging Today’s Technology

First, once you get a large number of members together who are interested in business security you should have a locksmith, hopefully also a chamber member give a talk about the best ways to secure their facilities, location and stores. This would include their work vehicles and off-site equipment. I also recommend having a security consultant come in, and also someone that sells commercial lines of insurance. Hopefully a preferred company or a commercial business insurance broker.

Next, you should help the business owners leverage technology such as CCTV, e-mail alerts, computer security recognition systems, gate cards, and other high-tech strategies. Once everyone feels that their facilities and businesses are safe, then they need to get involved with your business watch program. This is where you will help become the watchful eyes for the local police department reporting suspicious behavior. Of course you need to know what suspicious behavior is, and what some of the challenges in your city are for instance;

Theft Rings
Counterfeit Rings
Employee Pilferage

Once you identify the challenges in your own business community, then you should get the group together, break them into focus groups, and attempt to address each of these issues, and the best strategies to deal with them. Remember entrepreneurs are very smart at solving problems, much better than a slow-moving bureaucracy.

This is why your group can become so valuable to making your city a no-fly zone when it comes to crime. If you can remove one or even two of the sides of the crime triangle you will be well on your way to helping your local Police Department. Please consider all this and think on it.

Internet Marketing Strategy: Business Ownership Means Leadership

Hi guys! I hope you’re doing awesome.

A business owner is a leader. Do you believe this? I sure do. That’s why my online ventures are insanely successful. I don’t only own a company, I lead it. As one, I make it my responsibility to grow my biz. I take care of those under my wing the way I do my family. I propel it to higher ground through sound business strategies and right principles.

What does it take to be a leader? In my experience, it’s really two things: foresight and the ability to delegate. When I say foresight, I mean exactly that. It’s the ability to predict what’s going to happen even before others do. That’s why I became a businessman in the first place. I possess an ability (and I’m sure you do too) to “see” something before it happens. I’m able to look at my statistics once and right off the bat, see that a strategy I use is not working as it should, and that my business is better off if I employ something else. This foresight is not the same foresight of psychic fame. It’s educated foresight, something that’s based on concrete information, data and observation.

The ability to delegate is another trait of a leader. What does this mean? It’s knowing my priorities and then deciding that others could do the more routinary things for me. It’s realizing when I need to outsource so I can focus on the really important stuff, like thinking of ways to leverage my biz. It also means delegating the things I know I can’t do, and be humble enough to admit that I do not know everything. It’s realizing that there are certain things that others will always be able to do better than me, and delegating that responsibility to them so my business can grow. It’s asking the help of people when it all becomes too overwhelming.

If you really want to succeed in your business venture, you’ve got to understand that ownership is also leadership. You’re not a leader if all you do is finance a venture and leave the operations to a manager. Real business success can only come if you become more than an entrepreneur. It comes when you become a leader.

Own your business. Lead it. That’s the only way to make it succeed.

To YOUR Success,

Kevin Hutto

5 Internet Marketing Company Strategies Businesses Can Benefit From

Whether you use the services of an internet marketing company or not, are situated in the UK or elsewhere, there are five strategies used by such companies that can help you in your business.

Doing business online today can be very profitable, but it’s also quite competitive. Running profitable websites requires diverse knowledge of skills regarding internet marketing. You can learn these five strategies on your own. However, it takes a significant investment of time to learn how to implement these techniques.

A good internet marketing company can save you this time. In the long run, it can also end up saving you money. For, although there is a cost to using the services of such a company, there is also an inevitable learning curve when trying to do it all yourself. For example, it’s common for businesses new to internet marketing to run unprofitable advertising campaigns before they hit the mark. This is far less likely when you hand the job over to someone with experience in this field.

Here are the five strategies:

1. Pinpointing Your Target Market

This is often referred to as niche marketing. You may know what kind of business you have and what you are selling, but the specific way you target customers -including the words you use in any advertising- is crucial to your success in getting results.

2. Building the Right Website

The look and feel of your website must reflect your business and the customers you want to attract. It may be simple but professional, or have lots of “bells and whistles,” such as elaborate graphics, music and video. If you are marketing online, It’s essential to have the right web site. This is your online store and determines how visitors see you.

3. Testing Advertising Campaigns

This is necessary to find out what is and is not profitable. Just as traditional stores need to learn which items sell and which ads pull in customers, so do website owners need to test products and ad campaigns. This often requires using specific techniques and software that can track all of the relevant data.

4. Building and Maintaining Customer Lists

When people visit your website, whether they buy something or not, it’s extremely helpful to get their name and email. If they do buy something, it’s even more important, as one-time customers are likely to make future purchases. By compiling a list of customers and potential customers, you can gradually increase your customer base and sales. This leads naturally to the next strategy.

5. Email Marketing

Contacting prior customers and potential customers by email is an established way of making sales online. It requires certain protocols, however. For one thing, you have to be sure you are only sending email to people who have given permission or you can be accused of spamming. Your emails must also be persuasive and motivate readers to click on your website.

These internet marketing company strategies can help UK businesses establish a presence online and run successful websites.